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Kearsarge ChoraIe Honors Vocalist Program

The purpose of the Honors Vocalist Program is to recognize outstanding young singers (high school and college) in the Kearsarge/Lake Sunapee Area Community and provide these performers with a rewarding musical experience through participation in the Kearsarge Chorale

The benefits to the Honors Vocalists are:

  1. The opportunity to rehearse and perform with a premier volunteer chorale that is recognized for their musicality, quality musical interpretation and excellence in performing chorale repertoire twice each year (Spring and Fall)

  2. Personal growth as a musician and chorale member

  3. Exposure to  a varied chorale repertoire (often accompanied by assorted instruments) different from pieces performed in school

  4. Publicity in print and other media

  5. Receiving the Honors Vocalist Certificate (which can be included in applications both for colleges and jobs) for each season of participation.


Devon Pike, Honors Vocalist, Fall 2012

with David Almond, Artistic Director, Janet Howe, Chair, Nancy Tripp, Mentor

Savannah Woody, Honors Vocalist, Spring 2013

with David Almond, Artistic Director, Janet Howe, Chair, Linda Barnes, Mentor

Honors Vocalists, Spring 2015

Kim Adjutant, Holley Humberd, Sam White, with David Almond, Artistic Director, and Barbara Amen Harper, Honors Program Director

Honors Vocalists, Spring 2017

Dan Stadden, Malcolm Cleveland, with Donald Cox, Artist Director 

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