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The Kearsarge Chorale

presents its

2021 Virtual Spring Concert


Thank you for joining us!  We had so much fun putting together our Fall virtual concert that we thought we would try it again.  This time, we even added a fourth song.  Just like before, we held our weekly rehearsals via Zoom and then submitted our individual recordings to our Artistic Director, Alex Ager, and our "Master Mixer", Jack Barben to work their magic.  

Before you listen to the concert, be sure to click on the program button below and, if you like what you hear after you listen, we invite you to come back and click on the donate button.  Your support will help us greatly when we are finally able to get back to producing live concerts.

We would like to say a special thank you to The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation for the grant that helped offset the cost of producing this concert.


Learn more about our songs, the composers, our singers, and our sponsors. 

Sit back, listen and enjoy 

our Virtual Concert.

If you like what you hear and feel so moved, click here to make a donation.

Happy Spring


The Kearsarge Chorale

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